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Casa Art
Welcome to Art Hotel Casa Art!

You have discovered an extraordinary place! Welcome to the new Arthotel CASA ART in Bulgaria where you will experience something completely unique! The exciting new Arthotel CASA ART has created an interesting and exotic destination for you, which will define a new way of spending the weekend and taking pleasure in holiday celebrations. All the rooms of the Arthotel CASA ART are inspired by some of the fundamental forces of the universe, Sea, Earth, Sun, Moon, Air, Wind, Love, and are furnished with furniture that complements each specific theme.

The artistic restaurant of the Arthotel CASA ART is perfect for family celebrations, parties, or even just a nice end to a perfect day. It offers traditional, local delicacies and international culinary delights. The spacious conference hall of the Arthotel CASA ART offers business seminars, presentations, and a wide range of team building games.

The Arthotel CASA ART has a luxurious spa, specifically a sauna with a panoramic view, a steam bath, and a massage room that offers various procedures. In addition, the outdoor pool and bar will become your favorite place during warm and sunny days!

Why here? The hotel offers sports activities, cultural attractions, and landmark visitations in the Oreshak and Troyan region. There are extraordinary workshops as well as cultural and educational activities available for the whole family.

Arthotel CASA ART is different, unusual, and unique!
Be our guest - on your weekend, vacation or business event!
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